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Our chef Giannis prepares authentic Greek cuisine from the best-quality ingredients in the style of entrées called mezedes. Giannis believes simplicity is key. This is why he likes to follow the motto of less is more. The foundation for his dishes comprises high-quality olive oil, fresh vegetables, seafood and salt. Greek food made by Giannis is original. The very first bite will transfer you straight to Greece.

Savour authentic Greek dining with your friends and family. We serve our delicious mezedes in the centre of the table so that you may enjoy this unforgettable gastronomic experience together.

Traditional Greek salad with pita bread from Rhodes (1, 7) 185 CZK
Fried calamari (1, 14) 250 CZK
Grilled beef suvlaki with marinated vegetables 275 CZK
Grilled pork suvlaki with pita, tomatoes, and tzatziki (1, 7) 200 CZK
Moussaka (1, 3, 7) 200 CZK
Slow-cooked lamb in lemon sauce with green beans 280 CZK
Smoked octopus with creamy fava beans (14) 260 CZK
Delicious white bean salad with anchovies and sundried tomatoes from Santorini (1, 4, 9) 190 CZK
3 classic Greek dips: tzatziki, eggplant salad, and spicy dip from Feta cheese (7) 125 CZK
Beef meatballs in tomato sauce with cheese from Milos Island (1, 3, 7) 170 CZK
Cretan sausage and giant beans in tomato sauce 200 CZK
Baby chicken with trahana pasta, smoked eggplant, and goat cheese (1, 7) 260 CZK
Stir-fried potatoes with cheese Metsovone and cold cut Numbolo from Corfu (7) 160 CZK
Marinated shrimps in giouvetsi pasta (1, 2, 7) 250 CZK
Fish of the day with Cretan baby artichokes, green beans, and grilled potatoes (4) 280 CZK
Slow-cooked beef in tomato sauce with hilopites pasta and Cretan cheese (1, 7, 9, 12) 270 CZK
Creamy pilaf with cuttlefish and fish roe Bottarga (4, 7, 12, 14) 250 CZK
Fish roe Bottarga on baked bread with sundried tomatoes from Santorini and fresh herbs (1, 4) 210 CZK
Braised chickpeas with soft cheese from Limnos Island (7) 150 CZK
Stir-fried Saganaki cheese from Chios Island with grapes and basil (7, 8) 180 CZK
Smoked eel (4) 200 CZK
Greek specialty of the day


Ravani with ice cream and sweet cherries (1, 3, 7) 125 CZK
Decadent chocolate mousse with tahini halva, pistachios, and marinated strawberries (7, 8, 11) 125 CZK